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PSTN Switch Off – How to prepare your business

As the PSTN switch continues to approach, our experts have put together 4 steps that you could be taking now to help ensure your business is as prepared as possible for the changes.


Each business will use different services in different ways, so it’s important to look at your business as a whole to make sure you capture all the affected services. The changes may reach further than initially thought, so recognising this early will make for an easier transition.

The most obvious service to top your list will be any traditional phone lines, but other services such as door entry systems and lift call lines will also be affected. If you are unsure about any services, speak to your service provider, or feel free to reach out to our experts.


Change such as this poses a great opportunity to take stock and review business services and processes. Are all services being used to their full potential? Are they all necessary? Could any services be withdrawn, combined or even added?


Now you know which service will be affected, it’s time to discover the best digital alternative to replace each copper-based service. Some simple desk research will immediately bring to light some obvious replacements, but if you’d like to discuss with experts, or even learn about any new technology that could enhance your business, then please reach out to our experts for impartial advice.


The final, and arguably most important phase, is to set out a plan to implement these changes into your business. Some changes can be made immediately, but this will depend on your business. If you’re planning to add some new services, which may involve additional spending, then there may be a more suitable time for your business to make these changes. If your business has a cycle that features ‘busy periods’ then avoiding these times would make sense. Procurement processes also need to be considered, as these can sometimes take a little time.

Ensuring staff are prepared, informed and ready also takes time, so planning your business steps between now and the final switch off will help make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

If you’re ready to make a start and would like a helping hand, our experts are on hand to support you and your business every step along the way. Stay up to date with all our PSTN updates here.

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