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Schools and colleges – avoid muffled and patchy calls next parents’ evenings!

While telephone-based parents’ evenings are often easier, safer and more accessible than meeting face to face, a poor phone line or connection can leave both parties feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Many schools and colleges have phone systems which have been in place for decades. While expensive, hardy and ‘built to last’, they often don’t live up to the smooth channels of communications we have come to expect elsewhere in our lives.

An upgrade may not be as expensive or disruptive as you think. An upgrade does not always mean completely new hardware, there may be value in existing systems that can be leveraged to work alongside new hardware, software or networks.

Introducing a mobile aspect to your phone system may also add value to your setting, but also help support communication with busy working parents. Allowing staff to communicate in or out of the building can open up opportunities for conversations outside of standard hours, support a culture of hybrid working and help teachers feel more accessible to parents and students.

Keeping the lines of communications open for staff, students and parents is essential to any phone system upgrade, and our expert staff have over 20 years of experience in doing just that. Replacing or upgrading your old handsets and hardware is a seamless and easy process, we can even provide a PRINCE2 certified project manager to hand hold you through the process, if telecoms is not your area of expertise.

We’ll help get you ready for crystal clear call quality with minimal disruption.

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