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Still in the dark about Cloud backup?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘it’s in the Cloud’ banded about for a while, and if you’re yet to explore it’s benefits, we’re here to help!

Cloud backup, also known as ‘remote backup’ is a way of safeguarding all your data and documents, by storing copies of everything on an off-site server in case of equipment failure or disaster. 

In our digital world, data loss can be severely damaging to your business. Adopting a Cloud backup strategy can help your business cost-effectively put in place robust recovery safeguards to reduce the risk of costly downtime.

Unlike traditional backup strategies, once set up, a Cloud backup system operates automatically, therefore alleviating any additional workload on IT support colleagues. These off-site storage servers are usually hosted by third parties who charge a fee, usually based on the amount of storage used.

At Immervox we can provide you with high-quality Cloud backup services using secure, UK-based Tier 3 data centres.  

Benefits of a Cloud backup strategy

  • Generally cheaper than building and maintaining an in-house backup system
  • Fully scalable service, so you can add more as your data needs and business grows
  • Secure and data protection compliant, as all data is encrypted to AES 256 as standard, with further encryption during file transfer and storage
  • Lower risk of backup failures through accidental overwrite or software failure
  • Accessible from anywhere with any device, with fast access to recovery data, whether it’s a minor mishap or a major disaster
  • Streamlined backup processes as only files that have been changed are backed up, minimising demand on your internet connection

When considering a move to Cloud backup, it is important to consider the following potential drawbacks 

  • The speed of backup is bandwidth dependent
  • Costs will increase as more storage is required
  • Data is outside the organisation so it’s important to learn about the provider before committing

Cloud backup Vs Disaster recovery 

There is often confusion between Cloud backup and disaster recovery. Are they the same this? Does my business need both?

Cloud backup protects data from loss, it is known as ‘cold storage’ as it can take hours or days to retrieve the data. Whereas disaster recovery enables the recovery of applications (systems and software) after a disaster, known as ‘hot storage’, applications can be retrieved within minutes.

It is recommended that your business has a strategy for both to ensure you’re protected against a minor data loss, or a major disaster.  

If you’d like to discuss your Cloud backup options in more detail, please reach out to our experts who will be happy to assist you.

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Still in the dark about Cloud backup?
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