The PSTN Switch Off – July 2022 Update

21st July 2022
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As the final PSTN switch off date approaches, we are doing everything we can to keep you up to date, to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for December 2025.

So what’s the latest?

The Openreach engineers have been busy systematically replacing the existing copper-based phone network with a full fibre, internet-based network. At almost a third of the way through deployment, they have connected over 8 million homes and businesses!

This is one of the biggest changes in Telecoms history, and if you have a landline, this WILL affect you and your business. But don’t panic just yet, there is still plenty of time to evaluate which digital route is the best way forward for your business.

Although over 25% of businesses are not aware of the PSTN switch off, the UK is not ahead of the curve in it’s switch off plan. The Netherlands and Estonia have already switched off their PSTN networks in favour of an all-digital solution, and Germany, Japan, and Sweden are well on their way to joining them.

Our experts are already helping businesses across the UK decide the best way forward for their business.

Ready to take the first step?

Before you start looking at your options, it’s important to piece together a full picture of your existing PSTN use. Often, businesses use phones lines for more than just making phone calls; door entry systems, lift emergency call systems, payment systems and security alarms, to name a few.

If you’d like to take that step and start getting your business 2025-ready, or if you have any questions, please reach out to our experts.

You can keep a track of all the latest updates on our dedicated webpage.

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