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The Sales Power of Inbound Numbers

Don’t believe the hype; your telephone isn’t an outdated tool from a bygone era. Even in 2021, hundreds of companies across the UK are going out of their way to implement dedicated inbound numbers (and seeing huge returns in business value).

When we talk about investing in new technology infrastructure in 2021, phones and telecoms often aren’t what people envisage. In a world of remote cloud datacentres and automated business process workflows, something as simple as a dedicated inbound number feels outdated, almost quaint. 

However, at Immervox we are still helping hundreds of UK businesses create dedicated inbound numbers, many for the first time. In this week’s blog we’re going to delve into why the Immervox team still spends time helping our customers with this far from cutting edge (but incredibly valuable, as you’ll see) solution.

What is an inbound number?

We don’t need to tell you the difference between inbound and outbound calls (inbound calls are calls you take, outbound calls are calls you make, as you know). However, many businesses take this simplicity to mean that an inbound number has no value beyond being the combination of digits customers need to key in to reach you. 

If that were the case, we at Immervox wouldn’t be spending hours every week discussing inbound numbers with clients. We definitely wouldn’t have felt the need to write this blog.

An inbound number is a specific solution, one that brings a myriad of benefits. We’re going to look into some of the ones which have made inbound numbers a timeless solution that still brings value (even in the age of Clouds and Unified Comms).

Inbound numbers increase sales

Many of the Immervox customers currently enjoying the revenue and sales boost from having a dedicated inbound number were surprised at just how effective a sales tool they can be.

For most businesses, sales (especially those that involve a phone) is an active endeavour. Closes happen on outbound calls, or so the belief is. Whilst it is true that sales require a pro-active approach, seemingly reactive actions like taking instead of making a call are 100% vital.

If a customer has reached out to your business directly, there’s a good chance they’ve already done their research. This becomes more true the more specialised your business is or expensive your product/service (we know from personal experience, customers with a potential spend in the tens of thousands consider many more options than those looking for a few-hundred-per-month package). 

Even though that initial inbound call is the start of your sales journey with them, it isn’t the start of their own journey. It actually happens much further along in the process. Remember, when somebody makes the decision to call after comparing your website to others, they want to come out the call having made a purchase (or set in motion the first steps towards making one). It’s one of the few times people actively open their hands and say “Please, sell to me.” The reason is simple; if they put down the phone unsatisfied it means going back to the drawing board. 

Whilst these prospects are ready to buy, they’ll also move on to their second choice very quickly if they can’t see an easy way to contact someone they can discuss their needs with. 

An inbound number directly for sales ensures that your customers-in-waiting can get through to your sales team. It also makes life easier for your existing customers, as they don’t have to share a call queue with potential new clients. 

Plus, if you include a click-to-call button linked to the dedicated inbound number, prospective customers can call directly the very second they decide to. Do you find that your blogs or web copy are a key sales point for your business? Imagine how much more effective they’d be if each ended with a button that connected the reader to your sales team in a single click.

The timeless value of building customer trust from Day 1

Customer trust is key to securing repeat business. It’s not possible to sustainably operate if customers only ever make one-time purchases (with the exception of a few select industries of course, such as cosmetic surgery or international tourism). 

You already know that the ideal is ensuring that customers always come back. Whether you’re offering a B2B service or a B2C product, repeat business will be the cornerstone of your, well, business.

The customer experience during initial contact can make or break customer trust. If a customer has no trust in your business they’re highly unlikely to return. They may change their mind about becoming a customer at all.

Having a slick and quick way for prospects to reach your sales team (i.e., the people you pay to ensure that the first customer experience is a positive one) effectively guarantees that you start your relationship with every new customer on the right foot. 

There is no greater sales method or trust-building resource than good old human interaction. Removing as many steps as possible between “considering purchasing” and “speaking to a real person about my needs” yields nothing but impressed new customers, more repeat business, and solid foundations upon which you can build these new relationships with ease.

Inbound numbers: Proving effective solutions don’t have to be novel

As we said, inbound numbers are far from a new solution or fresh innovation. At Immervox we’ve been working with UK businesses on their comms needs for nearly thirty years, and inbound numbers have been a mainstay of every single one of them. 

However, just because they’re not as shiny and new as some of the other solutions on the market, it doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. Jet engines and rocket propulsion are all very well, but if your goal is simply to get from A to B faster than walking then wheels are still the best option.

Do you see where we’re coming from? We haven’t seen a dip in the number of customers seeking dedicated inbound numbers, no matter how pioneering some of the other solutions we offer are in comparison. They’re a tried and tested core resource for thousands of successful businesses.

Why not give the Immervox team a call and speak to us about using inbound numbers to increase your sales volume (or customer service satisfaction, or market research engagement, or service desk response time…)

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