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VoIP Has The Power To Improve Your Customer Service: Here’s How

VoIP has a whole range of benefits, some of which are obvious to your company internally, such as cost savings and ease of use. However, your customers can also benefit from your decision to convert your phone systems over to VoIP. Keeping customers happy is critical for any business, as poor experience with communications can leave many people feeling dissatisfied and turning towards your competitors. So, if you haven’t already made the switch, here are some reasons your audience will thank you for embracing VoIP:

Free calls for everyone

There’s nothing worse than realising you need to phone a business that has a toll attached to its number, especially if it’s not included in your mobile plan. Customers will be much more likely to get in touch if they know they can do so for free. With VoIP, it costs much less to offer this service, meaning you become much more approachable as a company, regardless of where your potential clients live. It’s ideal for businesses wishing to reach a wider audience, as it means everyone is afforded the same flexibility.

Voice is still preferred

In this digital age, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on innovations concerning instant messaging and chatbots. However, phone calls are still preferred by many as they offer a more direct, personable communication experience. Nobody wants to speak to a faceless screen and be left wondering whether a real person in the company is even getting their message. On the phone, clients can be reassured that the human on the other end is real and ready to help.

Ringing potential clients is also often more fruitful than sending around marketing e-mails. With inboxes saturated with newsletters, actually speaking to someone on the phone allows you to have their undivided attention as well as respond to questions or concerns they might have and wouldn’t have taken the time to type out in an e-mail. Like it or not, instant messaging can’t compare to the immediacy of a voice call, making VoIP worth investing in.

Build better relationships

VoIP technology allows individual employees to have extensions or phone numbers of their own, meaning clients can get back in touch with the same person. This creates a feeling of consistency and tailored customer care, as your team will remember the clients they speak to better. VoIP even allows an employee’s mobile to be connected to their work number so that they can be reached even when travelling or working away from the office. This is all at no extra cost, no matter where they are in the world, meaning customers will never have to wait for the staff member who understands their situation the best to return to their desk.

This system can greatly reduce wait times and the frustration of being put on hold or passed from colleague to colleague. There won’t be any need for customers to explain their situation over and over again or twiddle their thumbs while staff members try to pull up their details and make sense of someone else’s notes. By speaking to the same person every time, situations can be resolved smoothly, reducing frustration and errors on both ends.

Voicemail to text

Although employees are always reachable through VoIP, it’s inevitable that at some point calls will be missed. However, this technology means that any voicemails can be converted to audio files and texted or e-mailed to the relevant person. This makes it much easier to quickly listen to messages and respond to the caller. It’s all too easy for piles of voicemails to be wrongly deleted or missed, so having them all in separate e-mails means staff can address each one fully before moving onto the next. This means customers won’t need to call again to remind your company of their questions and will be pleasantly surprised to find everything has been efficiently taken care of.


Although it’s important for customers to be able to speak with a real person, VoIP gives you the valuable option of using an auto-attendant to direct calls to the right person. This means their problems can be solved more efficiently with minimal fuss, as certain employees may not be sure how to resolve their problems or even where to direct them. Clients will begin to lose patience if they’re being redirected too often, especially if they need to re-explain themselves to each new person they speak to. As long as the auto-attendant is limited to a few basic questions, and the customer is always given the option to be directed to a real person to speak to, then you’ll still be able to build relationships and not lose that human touch. However, optimised auto-attendants can also offer information about sales to give the caller a little introduction into services before speaking to someone, if desired.

Personalisation with tracking

Although this isn’t something customers will notice directly, it’s something they can benefit from all the same. VoIP allows businesses to monitor and analyse how effective various phone calls have been. By assigning different phone numbers to different campaigns, you’ll be able to see how successful certain marketing strategies have been. The best part about this is that all of these numbers will take callers through to the exact same line, meaning there’s no need to designate specific employees for all these variations. Customers can benefit from this by, in future, receiving the information they need most and receiving a service that is in line with their needs.

VoIP gives businesses the power to optimise their customer service so that everyone can benefit. It becomes much easier for companies to offer stellar communications and, even if clients don’t know the reason behind this improved level of service, they’ll thank you for making the switch.

But it’s just as important for you to receive excellent customer service when integrating VoIP into your company. Immervox has you covered, because we understand communications like nobody else. Get in touch today.

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