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What’s in store for tech in 2024?

Step into the future of telecommunications as we welcome you to 2024, a year poised for revolutionary shifts in the telecoms industry. Join us as we delve into the key trends that will redefine how we connect and communicate in the upcoming year.

Standalone 5G

Brace for standalone 5G services, a game-changer in speed and innovation. Telecom companies are set to monetise 5G, unlocking new possibilities for users.

Cloud Computing

Taking centre stage in 2024, optimising scalability and operational efficiency. Migrations promise substantial cost savings and heightened responsiveness to demand.

AI-Powered Customer Service

Customer service undergoes a revolution with AI. Generative AI models interpret diverse inputs offering personalised and efficient solutions to enhance user experiences.

Increased Cyber Threats

Some experts predict that we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to cyber-attacks and data breaches, and expect an escalation in cyber threats, signalling the need for fortified cybersecurity measures. Strengthening your defences becomes paramount as technology advances.

Blockchain for Cybersecurity

Rising cyber threats prompt a surge in blockchain adoption. Beyond bolstering security, it reduces costs and opens avenues for revenue through cutting-edge services.

PSTN Switch Off/Satellite Technology

The PSTN Switch Off and stop-sell have prompted rural areas with limited services to adopt satellite technology. This transition is driven by the need for improved coverage and service levels in these regions, marking a significant step towards ensuring reliable connectivity.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In 2024, it is predicted more IoT solutions will hit sectors such as healthcare. Expect the introduction of additional at-home smart sensors dedicated to monitoring patients’ vital signs and measuring various parameters. Additionally, the rise of Edge Computing in IoT will emphasise processing data closer to its source rather than relying on a distant centralised cloud. This strategic shift aims to minimise latency, enhance reliability, and fortify security within IoT systems

Are you wanting to stay ahead of the curve? Feel free to contact our experts to discover the immediate benefits these trends could bring to your business. Embrace the evolution and stay connected to the future!

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