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Your Cyber Security Do’s and Don’ts Guide

Navigating the complex world of cyber security can be overwhelming and daunting, but fear not, our experts are fully equipped with extensive knowledge to ensure your business stays safe. Take a glimpse into their ‘cyber security do’s and don’ts’ to strengthen your defences:  


  • Create strong passwords. Combine three random words together, add symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters, for example, dogpenbrush -> D0gp3Nbru5H!@

  • Use a firewall. Keep your network protected by employing a firewall to control any traffic entering or leaving your network. Most computer operating systems come with a software firewall already installed, however this is always worth checking.

  • Regularly update your software as soon as you’re prompted to ensure your safety. Updates and patches minimise the risk of your business being vulnerable to cybercriminals.

  • Implement Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on all your devices and accounts. Add an extra layer of security by requiring verification through a secondary device, reducing the chance of unauthorised access.

  • Provide regular and consistent training for employees. Equip your team with knowledge, so they can easily recognise and prevent cyber risks, decreasing the potential for human error.


  • Click on suspicious links or attachments. Verify the source before clicking anything. If you’re in doubt, check with the sender directly.

  • Share your passwords with anyone or leave them written on a post-it or notebook. Avoid sharing passwords or leaving them in unsecure places; utilise a password manager to ensure secure storage.

  • Use free Wi-Fi for everything. Public or free Wi-Fi isn’t always secure, anyone can be on it watching your activity, gaining the ability to steal passwords, bank details, important documents, etc, so exercise with caution.

  • Trust unsecured websites. Verify websites with HTTPS and a padlock symbol, exit immediately if you are uncertain.

  • Delay regular backups and recovery plans. If you fail to regularly backup data and establish recovery plans, it can lead to your business facing dangerous data losses, which can also come from hardware failures and human errors, not just cyber-attacks.

By implementing these cyber security practices, you’re not just safeguarding your business, you’re establishing a resilient defence against potential threats. Stay informed, stay secure.

Ready to enhance your cyber security? Contact our experts now for a comprehensive consultation and secure your business today.

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