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4 key benefits of meshnet technology

As we touched upon in our 2023 Trends blog last month, the use of meshnet technology is on the rise. Our experts have picked out the 4 key benefits of installing a meshnet in your business.

1. Better coverage

A meshnet provides better network coverage than a single wifi router, since multiple ‘nodes’ work together to blanket the entire area with signal – minimizing dead zones. If a user moves out of signal of one node, another will pick up their device automatically. Great for big sites, or locations where users travel around the site frequently. The user does not need to connect or interact at any point as the meshnet works automatically, so it is effortless for users once online.

2. Dynamic management

The majority of meshnets come with a smartphone app for management. This makes it quick and easy for the network manager to oversee the network, without a costly middleman. The network manager has fingertip access to monitor usage levels, to check for points of failure and to ensure everything is running and connected as it should be. Using a mobile app means the management can continue on the go, and by multiple users if required – even remotely.

3. Flexible and scalable

The number of nodes to make a meshnet is flexible, so a network can grow and shrink as a business requires. They can be designed specifically for the location to ensure maximum network coverage, with limited wastage, with settings customised to specific business requirements.

4. Resilient to connection failure

Meshnets are designed to use the entire node network to route the best connection, so if a point fails, the network will find a more suitable route ensuring no network downtime or dead zones. The failure can be reported back through the mobile app so the network manager can explore the problem.

If you think your business could benefit from meshnet technology, please reach out to our experts.

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