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Are you Switch Off Ready?

As you may have previously seen from some of our content, the PSTN switch-off is rapidly approaching with hundreds of exchanges already being turned off in certain areas. In case you missed our previous updates, this follow-up provides a deeper understanding into the urgency, key dates, and the latest developments you need to be aware of.

What is it?

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the traditional phone system that many have been utilising for decades. It’s the network of copper wires and infrastructure that enables landline phones to connect with one another. The ‘switch-off’ refers to the gradual phasing out of this old phone system. Alternatively, companies are moving to modern and more reliable services such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). If you have a traditional landline, it’s essential to be aware that this service will be discontinued, and you will need to make the switch. Certain exchanges have already been shut down and all associated product sales of services that use copper wires have been discontinued as of the 5th of September 2023.

The switch-off is a pivotal moment in the telecom industry, offering upgraded connectivity with high-quality voice and data solutions. Preparing for this change is crucial to position your business for future innovations and stay ahead of the competition. Failure to adapt or delaying the switch until the last minute may lead to downtime, emphasising the urgency of this transition.

Key Date:

  • December 2025 – The official switch-off deadline. This means by the 31st of December 2025, all phone lines in the UK will move to a fully digital network, using Internet Protocol (IP) over a fibre-based service.

Here are some steps you should take:

  • Reach out to our experts for a personalised consultation.
  • Migration Strategy – Plan your transition with us and experience minimal disruption.

In a world of constant evolution, Immervox is your committed partner in navigating these changes. We understand that change can be overwhelming, but embracing it will heighten your business, opening the door to endless opportunities. If you have questions or need support, feel free to contact our experts today. We’re here to make your telecom journey seamless.

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