7th September 2020

Connectivity with confidence

As our world becomes increasingly reliant on our internet connection, it’s reassuring to know that developments in the world of connectivity are working to make this even more reliable and supportive of fast-moving business.

In summer 2020 internet service providers (ISPs) started to roll out ‘single order generic ethernet access’ or to give it it’s catchier name ‘SOGEA’. This next-generation broadband service no longer relies on a traditional separate phone line to deliver broadband, but instead uses a single fibre connection to provide the chosen service.

Cheaper and quicker to setup

Without a mandatory separate line rental cost, broadband services can be up to 30% cheaper depending on your providers, plus, with only the single service to set up, it’ll be easier and quicker to get new broadband connections up and running.

Users may also find that broadband performance is enhanced, as there will be no phone call traffic on the line and there are fewer connections to pass through; which also make fixing any faults easier and therefore quicker.

It is worth noting that some premises may need to wait for an engineers to attend and install a new master socket before the new service is ready to go, and that this service is being rolled out gradually, so it may not be available in your area for a while.

IP-based voice services

Access to a traditional phone line or phone number will no longer be available to SOGEA users; any voice services will need to be IP-based. These services are best suited to users who do not rely on fixed-line voice services. However, this does mean that users can take their IP-based phone number with them if they move office, or work remotely.

It is vital that new services like SOGEA are available to as many users as possible by 2025, when the withdrawal of WLR is complete, as users will have no choice to but to chose services where the traditional PTSN lines are not required.

Our experts know that moving to a SOGEA service will enhance your business communications and confidence in your connectivity. Get in touch now and we can see when these services will be available in your area.

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