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Cloud Services

Unlock your business potential with managed cloud services

Immervox are trusted providers of cloud services businesses, companies, and public sector bodies across the UK.

Unique Cloud Solutions

Every Immervox cloud solution is as unique as your business. Our expert team offer cloud consultation at every stage of the journey. During design, migration, and everything in-between and after, Immervox are here to unlock your organisations potential with cloud service.

What is the cloud?

Cloud technology has revolutionised the way companies and the public sector work. By hosting data, services, and infrastructure digitally (in the cloud), productivity and connectivity become supercharged.

Managed cloud services enable your employees to work smarter, communicate quicker, and work without hinderance no matter where they’re based.

Cloud computing does away with the expensive and time consuming maintenance you may be used to with in-house servers and data centres. They’re a secure, scalable solution which organisations and enterprises worldwide have used to achieve success.

What cloud services mean for your business

Immervox cloud services bring the power of connectivity, scalability, and security to our private and public sector customers across the UK. 

Bespoke Cloud Services 

Immervox provides UK organisations with managed public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions. Our tailored packages suit your unique needs, from storage through to security. 

Safe, Secure Backup

Immervox provide peace of mind when it comes to data security and backup. Immervox customers have access to top tier Cloud backup services based in secure, UK-based, Tier 3 data centres.

The Power Of Scalability

Our public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions offer scalability at a streamlined cost. With Immervox you can scale services up or down with zero upfront costs.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Immervox managed cloud solutions include backup services that automatically store your data off-site. The last thing you want when recovering from a crisis is more downtime. Immervox enables fast disaster recovery by storing data in secure off-site locations.

A Connected, Productive Workforce

Managed cloud services expand your employees remote capability, and equips them with powerful cloud based tools that enhance and maximise their productivity.

Enhanced Performance and Positive Customer Experience

Immervox cloud services enable our customers to include web based messaging apps as part of their customer service experience.

Cloud Services with Immervox

Looking for a specific service? You can find in-depth looks at our individual cloud services and products at the pages below:

Cloud Back Up

Immervox offer an AES 256 encrypted streamlined data backup service. Our data protection compliant cloud back up solutions are both scalable and cost efficient, regardless of how much data your organisation generates. 

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