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We need a Project Manager

Why you need an expert Project Manager

There are many kinds of project managers available to oversee your project. However, project management for communications and IT infrastructure projects requires more than understanding AGILE principles and holding a PRINCE2 certification. 

  • Specialist knowledge.
    Any IT or communications project will require working with vendors, suppliers, and stakeholders. It requires a thorough level of technical knowledge to ensure the best solutions, components, and services are selected to deliver the best outcome. Unless your Project Manager has this specialist knowledge there are going to be unexpected challenges on the journey to delivery.
  • Invaluable experience.
    Knowing what to expect is the first line of defence against a failed project. An expert Project Manager with a wealth of prior experience knows what pitfalls and obstacles to expect because they’ve overcome them before. There’s no substitute for having a Project Manager with previous IT and communications project management experience at the helm.
  • Leadership through example.
    Project management experts know that successful management is vital to a successful project. Delivery requires more than emailing task lists and chasing missed deadlines on a project workflow. Taking on an expert IT and communications PM means bringing on not only technical expertise but the management and leadership skills necessary to harness and pass that knowledge on to your staff. 


There’s a myriad of reasons your team could be struggling to meet delivery deadlines or project budget constraints. Project Management is a skill, and unless somebody on the team has that skill meeting delivery expectations can be a daunting challenge. 

Poor quality control

Without an experienced eye overseeing your project quality control can slip. This can be disastrous, especially if it’s in areas such as regulation and compliance or vendor/supplier contracts.

Unrealistic project planning

Knowing and understanding the resources at your disposal, project goals, and expected deliverables are essential. Without the experience to plan realistically, staff on your project can be stretched to breaking point, leading to burnout which causes missed deadlines and low quality output.

Lack of focus and strategic objective

Every member of your project team will have their own goals, deliverables, and personal workflow. It’s easy for them to lose sight of the big picture. Having an experienced PRINCE2 certified PM leading the team ensures the big picture is always in your teams eyeline.


We’ve been a crucial part of IT and communications projects for hundreds of companies across the UK. With nearly three decades of experience, we know what’s needed to secure a successful delivery. With an Immervox PRINCE2 certified project manager your team will be guided by an industry expert with an unprecedented level of technical and leadership knowledge. 

End to end cost and quality control

We pride ourselves on our adherence to quality standards and industry best practices. With an Immervox PM at the helm you can have peace of mind knowing that quality and cost optimisation will never be compromised.

Efficient processes for a swift handover

Every Immervox Project Manager is an experience, PRINCE2 certified IT and communications expert. Our tried and tested processes, combined with the exceptional skill levels of our project managers, puts less demand on your internal team and guarantees a swift handover once the project is complete.

Hands on or hands off management as you need it

Whether you need an on site presence, weekly conferencing and workflow coordination, or simple occasional check-in with a remote team, Immervox are here to help. We offer self managed, partially managed, and fully managed project management solutions.


These are just some of the benefits of having an Immervox PRINCE2 certified project manager to lead your team. 

As well as business and professional services, we’ve specialised in telecoms, data, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.


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