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We need uninterrupted mobile signal

Your staff rely on their business mobiles to work and communicate when they’re out of the office. An unreliable mobile signal that frequently slows or cuts out not only causes them undue stress but severely hinders their productivity. That’s why at Immervox we’ve spent nearly three decades creating reliable mobile solutions for hundreds of UK businesses like yours.

Why your staff need uninterrupted mobile connectivity

An unreliable mobile service that’s prone to slow speeds, downtime, and signal failure can be a huge setback for your business. An uninterrupted mobile signal brings more value than ensuring your staff don’t miss calls. There are many ways that relying on poor and unreliable mobile services holds your business back.

  • Unreliable signal causes stress and high staff turnover
    If your staff are having to rely on sometimes unusable mobile devices it causes incredible amounts of stress. Your staff want your business to succeed as much as you do, and if the smartphones and mobile devices they rely on can’t connect that success becomes much harder to achieve. The stress caused by consistently missing targets due to unreliable, but essential, mobile connectivity is a common reason staff seek new employment.
  • In the WFH era, remote connectivity is everything
    Mobile signal strength isn’t just important for call quality. In fact, in the era of working from home and remote teams, data connectivity and transfer speeds are quickly becoming the key priority for business mobile customers. Many businesses rely on dongle solutions or hotspot tethering to keep their workforce connected. If these devices don’t have an uninterrupted connection it can cost home workers 30 minutes of productivity per day.
  • Poor service carries hidden costs
    Poor service and signal strength cost UK businesses an estimated £37bn in 2016. Unreliable mobile signal directly leads to missed deadlines, poor call quality (costing valuable sales), and customer or client exodus due to the inability to reach key contacts when needed. 


Why your business mobile phones keep losing signal

If your businesses mobile devices can’t maintain a stable connection there could be a number of reasons why. Everything from your network provider to geographical location to the device used can impact the reliability and strength of your mobile signal.

  • Faulty or legacy devices
    Newer devices are better at connecting to the wider network and maintaining that connection. Older devices find this more difficult, both because of wear-and-tear and the increases in data traffic they must send and receive. If the devices you’re relying on are faulty or legacy devices it could be causing your signal cut-outs.
  • Roaming staff and geographic location
    It’s no secret that the UK’s mobile networks don’t offer universal coverage nationwide. Your location will have a huge impact on signal strength. If your mobile network doesn’t offer consistent coverage in your area you won’t experience the high speeds and uninterrupted coverage you’re expecting. Plus, if you have staff that regularly travel, they could suddenly find themselves in an area with no network coverage, rendering them unable to work on the go.
  • The wrong mobile network or contract for your business needs
    Different mobile networks have different strengths and weaknesses. Some will be more appropriate for the needs of your business than others. If your current contract is with a network that can’t guarantee the uninterrupted connection you need it’s time to switch to a different provider. 

Some ways that Immervox can guarantee your staff an uninterrupted mobile connection

We’ve been providing mobile solutions to businesses like yours for nearly three decades. In that time we’ve learned the value and importance of an uninterrupted, high-strength mobile connection to our customers. No matter your sector or business size, Immervox can create a bespoke mobile solution that minimises downtime and keeps your staff connected wherever they are. 

  • MultiSim solutions keep your mobile workforce connected
    In sectors where staff regularly travel or work is carried out at remote, temporary sites, relying on a single mobile network can cause problems. An extra layer of reliability is needed to guarantee mobile connectivity wherever and whenever it’s required. Our MultiSim solutions keep our mobile customers connected to multiple networks, ensuring that network downtime doesn’t mean downtime for your business. 
  • Versatile coverage from a vendor-neutral supplier
    We work UK-wide and are a known name to every major mobile network in the country. We’ll negotiate and secure the best business mobile deal for your business, ensuring a fair cost and guaranteed coverage wherever you need it. We also offer multi-sim solutions, ensuring you’re never reliant on a single mobile network.
  • International roaming, unified comms, 5G, and more
    Every Immervox customer is unique. That’s why no two Immervox mobile solutions are alike. Whether it’s a contract that covers international roaming, integrated messaging or Unified Comms packages, or a 5G enabled SIM for superfast speeds, we’ll be able to create a bespoke solution tailored to your exact needs.

Why you should choose Immervox as your business mobile services provider for uninterrupted connectivity

These are just some examples of the ways Immervox can create your business a mobile solution that guarantees uninterrupted signal and mobile connectivity. No matter the needs of your business we’ll ensure that your bespoke mobile solution brings out the power in your employees work mobiles, all at a streamlined optimised cost. 

We’ve specialised in mobile, telecoms, data, broadband, and IT solutions for almost three decades. We’ve been a trusted partner to over 600 businesses in this time due to our commitment to putting the needs of you and your business first.

Your Immervox solution won’t just be a list of products and services that keep you, your business, and your staff connected. As an Immervox customer, you’ll have access to our full partner  experience:

  • Scalable solutions.
    All of our solutions can be scaled in size with your business as you grow. We believe that progress should never become a barrier, and we ensure that for all of our customers it never is.
  • Flexible costs.
    Scale your packages to suit your budget. With contracts and packages scalable to use, we ensure you’ll never pay for more than you need.
  • Expert advice.
    Every member of the Immervox team, from sales to customer service, knows our services and products thoroughly. No matter who you speak to or when you’ll always have expert advice on hand for all of your queries, no matter the size. 
  • 24/7 UK-based customer helpdesk.
    As we said, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. We believe you can’t create a positive customer experience by outsourcing your helpdesk to a call centre. That’s why we have our UK-based customer helpdesk kept in house and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Trust-as-a-service.
    In our opinion, the most valuable product we offer is Trust-as-a-service. For us, this means being a trusted and honest partner for our customers. With Immervox you know you’ll always be getting the service you need and the most streamlined cost, without paying for unwanted bells and whistles. 

Give the team a call today on 0333 014 6220, or register your details with us online and one of the Immervox team will be in touch to discuss the first stages of building your bespoke Immervox solution. 

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