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Vendor-neutral mobile services and for large business, SMEs, and the public sector

Mobile devices have gone from electronic accessory to absolute necessity over the last few decades. Reliable and accessible mobile connectivity is vital to the success of any modern business. That’s why every Immervox bespoke mobile solution is tailored to your exact business needs.

Immervox- keeping your staff connected even when they’re apart

At Immervox we know how business critical reliable mobile phone connections are, because we rely on them too. With employees spending more time working from outside the office mobile connectivity has never been more important. Immervox’s flexible mobile solutions ensure that no matter where they are your staff can communicate and access the infrastructure they need to succeed.  

No matter your industry or sector, our team of experts will be able to work with you to craft an effective and affordable mobile service plan. Whether it’s sim-only contacts for a workforce of a few hundred, or a 10,000 user SIM and device inclusive plan, we’ll be able to create and provide the perfect mobile solution for your unique needs. 

Mobile solutions with Immervox

We provide mobile services to businesses across a wide range of sectors, shapes, and sizes. There’s many reasons we’re known across the UK as a trusted and invaluable vendor-neutral mobile telephony partner.

Flexible solutions 

Every bespoke mobile solution we provide is scalable, flexible, and configurable down to the individual contract. Whether it’s SIM only, SIM and device inclusive, data only SIMs, or a combination of the three, we ensure that your solution only includes the services and products you need at the time you need them. 

Vendor neutral 

At Immervox we’re a vendor neutral supplier. We work with all major UK mobile phone networks to provide our customers with the best service and value for their needs and location. An Immervox solution never compromises the quality of your service by remaining exclusive to an individual vendor. We’ll negotiate and secure the best price on the best tariff for your business regardless of network provider.

A single point of contact

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), we can act as a single point of contact for all of your mobile needs. We’ll handle everything from technical support through to vendor management, all included as part of your mobile service. 

Total coverage 

For many of our customers mobile coverage is a key concern. We guarantee complete coverage across the UK, including for 5G services where available. It’s a known fact that mobile providers such as EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone and others have varying signal strength region to region. We’ll find the most appropriate and cost effective mobile network for your needs, ensuring that their service is as advertised in your location.

Expert guidance 

From design through to delivery and user support, the Immervox team will be available for guidance and support at every stage of the journey. Whether it’s simply ad-hoc advice when needed, or a fully managed service plan from end-to-end, we provide a consultative service for all of our customers no matter their size. 

24/7 support 

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at Immervox. We don’t outsource to call centres and still provide a 24/7 support service every day of the year. We guarantee your call will be answered by your contact in our team, or our UK help desk, at any time of day. We know that the worst problems can occur at unsociable hours, so we pride ourselves on always providing the reassurance of a familiar voice during these times. 

Our Mobile services

Your Immervox Mobile Solution will be tailored specifically to your business needs. We also offer full flexibility and scalability to the level of the individual SIM or contract. Here are some of the elements and individual services available to you as part of your unique solution.

5G mobile contracts for business

5G has enabled unprecedented data and download speeds on mobile devices. It is already becoming integral to the growth of many of our customers. 5G mobile contracts are available as part of any of our solutions where available.

Device and SIM inclusive packages

Immervox are able to provide SIM plans that include both iPhone and Apple devices. We are able to provide a range of smartphone options for our customers, including combinations of multiple models and makes across a single solutions.

SIM only packages

Don’t need mobile devices for your workforce? No problem. We provide SIM only plans so you can leverage your existing devices, enhancing their connectivity and making them more cost effective. 

Unified Comms solutions

Unified Communications and Collaboration is changing the way the business world works. All of our mobile services can included as part of a wider UCaaS package.

MultiVox Multisim and rugged hardware

Many of our customers have staff based outdoors or in hazardous environments. These include construction sites, Ambulances, and industrial/manufacturing settings. We’re able to provide all of our customers with coverage in extreme conditions with a MultiVox multisim solution, giving you access to multiple networks for better coverage. We’re also able to provide rugged handsets, because we know that for some sectors hardware durability is crucial.

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