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Reasons why unified communications will bring better talent to your business

The success of your business depends significantly on your ability to attract and keep top talent. The better the talent at your disposal, the more productive your business will be and the better the quality of work that will be produced. This can lead to more customers coming in as word-of-mouth marketing helps to generate sales for you.

Getting the best talent is hard to do. There is a lot of competition for potential employees and in today’s tough employment market, it is getting harder to attract talent. Money alone is not enough to attract talent. Research has found that today’s employees are less motivated by pay but more from work-life balance initiatives and the quality of working conditions.

One way to offer work-life balances and better working conditions is to offer unified communications. Here are several reasons why this business service will help you attract top talent to your business.

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1. Access at all times

Today’s modern economy demands almost 24/7 availability of systems. Many people like to work extra at home to complete projects or get ahead of their day. A lot of leaders also like to check messages before they leave work to prevent any surprises from happening. With unified communications, you are giving that option to employees.

It also means that they can work flexibly within your organisation. One week they might work from home outside of office hours, so the next week they can take some of that time back to see their child’s school play, attend sports day, or to attend important personal appointments. This kind of flexible working is highly demanded by employees the world over.

2. Remote working

Remote working is another benefit that is coupled with the flexible working mentioned above. This benefits not just employees but you as a business. Employees will enjoy the chance to take some time away from the busy, noisy office and instead go somewhere that they can concentrate more. This will help improve the quality of work and improve staff morale and is a great way to attract staff.

Remote working also allows you as a company to spread your business’ net further when looking for new talent to come into your business. Is there really a need for your organisation to hire in a particular area? Could you hire further afield and have that new employee come into the office less often and work remotely? The larger your recruitment field, the more top talent you’ll find.

In addition, it can help you to reduce office costs as less staff in the office allows for small offices, fewer lease costs and lower utility bills.

3. BYOD benefits

Technology is a significant concern for businesses. Some employees get very angry at the hardware that is supplied by businesses and think they have a better system at home. A unified communications system allows you to put that to the test by offering employees a chance to bring their own device into work to complete tasks.

This can help reduce overheads as equipment costs are less but it also makes employees happy. It also works perfectly with the notion of flexible and remote working. If employees can use their own devices, it becomes easier for them to utilise these benefits and enjoy the process.

The biggest challenge is security. Staff must understand that data is not theirs, it belongs to the company. Secondly, they’ve got to start looking at the best ways to protect their devices from criminal elements that might want to hack into it to get access to corporate data. This can be done through intensive training and regular learning.

4. Higher levels of reliability

Another frustration for many employees is when systems go down. It makes it hard for them to complete work and they complain that they’ll have to work harder or longer to replace the missing hours. It can also make it frustrating when they’re working from home or another remote place. They’re trying to complete work and justify those benefits, if the system goes down; it makes them look bad because they aren’t working.

Businesses with unified communications often benefit from superior reliability. There are performance redundancies that will help to protect your IT system from downtime.

This is done by one program starting to operate as soon as another tool goes town. When you have this with a data-centre and cloud solution, you’ll find there is hardly any downtime, if any at all. This will keep employees working and happy that they’ve got the IT system in place to keep them working.

5. Better recruitment experiences

Unified communications can help your teams to process applications and fill job vacancies much faster. This is because the processes can be streamlined by using one application for all communications. In addition, because all data can be stored in one location, on a cloud solution, all relevant parties can have instant access to the same information.

This can stop the business from missing out on good talent that goes elsewhere because the recruitment process is too slow. This also makes the recruitment process much better for the candidate. This will make them happier and help them to become more satisfied with the job before it has even got started.

In addition, a unified communications system can help you get the employee started much earlier. You can send them training materials before they start. These materials should be items like health and safety manuals that would normally be read on their induction day. You can also have them input their important information like pay details, next of kin and other data you need for their employment.

Having this information early reduces the time wasted on an induction programme and gets the new employee into productive activities much faster.

Unified communications are one solution that will help your business to grow. It will attract new, better talent to your business that will help you deliver better work to customers. This, in turn, will help you to improve your business’ reputation as a leader in your industry and draw more customers to you.

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