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SmartMotion solutions for construction

Rugged hardware and rapid deployment for your building site

Broadband and telecoms hardware for industrial and construction use needs to be rugged. It will be deployed in environments filled with hazards like dust, smoke, and impacts. In short, it needs to be able to take a lot of wear and tear.

Durability may be the key concern for the industrial sector, but in construction there are other factors to take into account. Any hardware for the construction sector needs to be more than just sturdy.

Construction revolves around temporary sites, mobile workforces, and projects that span across multiple carrier areas. Sites may be in areas where networks other sites rely on have little or no coverage.

We’ll take a look at some of the connectivity challenges the construction industry, and how our SmartMotion and rapid deployment packages may be the ideal solution for your building site comms infrastructure needs.

Rapid deployment of building site communications infrastructure

In addition to the usual durability of equipment for industrial and other hazardous environments, hardware for building sites needs to be easy to deploy quickly.

On site, work is expected to begin as soon as possible. It can’t without communications infrastructure in place.

A durable but unwieldy and difficult to install solution isn’t viable for the construction sector. Any solution must be viable for rapid deployment.

Keeping your construction workforce connected with a multisim failover

Much of the construction workforce relies on mobile connectivity to remain connected. On many sites the connection to the wider national fibre infrastructure isn’t available until later stages of the build.

Reliance on a mobile network come with a large risk. If the network suddenly goes down (as does happen), work on site has to halt until the connection is restored. Fortunately it is possible to mitigate this risk. A multisim solution, where an on site router carries multiple sims, enables network failover.

Failover is vital to consistent connectivity and steady workflow management on a building site. Unfortunately there are going to be times when a mobile network fails. With multisim failover, activity is diverted to another sim if the primary network loses connection.

By removing reliance on a singular network, network outages no longer pose a high risk to business continuity. A SmartMotion solution uses multisim to ensure instant failover in case of a network outage.

Balanced loads and fast connection speeds

The other advantage of a multisim solution is load balancing. With your workforce able to spread their usage across multiple sims and networks, latency bottlenecks due to heavy use will be a rare occurrence.

Many outside the industry are surprised to know just how much the construction sector relies on mobile and internet communication.

The internal comms generated by a construction workforce generate an astronomical amount of traffic. Spreading this load across multiple sims ensures that high connection speeds can be maintained no matter how heavy the load.

Data on demand

Mobile routers are known for their cost saving benefits. In a temporary environment like a building site, it makes financial sense to pay for data on an on-demand basis.

The only issue with on demand data is that data costs can mount up quickly. This is especially true for construction sites, where the largely mobile workforce needs to consume unfathomable amounts of mobile data to keep the site operational.

A SmartMotion solution allows you to effectively manage data costs on site. By spreading usage across multiple sims, and offering software support for remote configuration and management, SmartMotion is ideal for ensuring connectivity doesn’t damage the project or site budget.

Immervox SmartMotion & Rapid Deployment Solutions

Immervox have worked with our customers in the construction sector for many years. Our team of experts assist project, construction, and site managers in keeping their temporary sites connected and workforces communicating.

We understand the unique challenges which come with delivering a construction project and maintaining a temporary site. This is why we offer our SmartMotion solution.

The Immervox SmartMotion solution provides a high speed connection that can be deployed rapidly on any site. Built in multisim and a durable, rugged casing and build ensure that network outages are rare and don’t interrupt business continuity.

Give the team a call today. They’d be happy to have a chat about our SmartMotion package and how it can rapidly deliver on-demand data to your building site.

SmartMotion solutions for construction
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