Disaster recovery services

Disaster recovery is the area of security and business as usual operation planning, protecting a company from the adverse effects of a disaster and preventing the loss of critical business functions.

Keep communicating, even during disaster.

Keep the lines of communication open in a fire, flood or disaster. We work with you to identify weak points and critical connections to design a seamless contingency plan that will keep your business running – and rapidly restore you to fully operational – whatever the situation.

We can put a plan in place to cover every conceivable catastrophe – from heavy snow and flooding to felled trees, power cuts and accidental cable severage.

Discuss your Disaster Recovery with our technical consultants on 0330 024 0234 and downgrade disaster to a mishap.

Keep in contact with customers

Keep your customers in the loop. Re-route inbound calls to different lines and locations, make an announcement via Auto Attendant or just enable Voicemail so you can call back later. Automate your contingencies for a seamless switch to Plan B, with no loss of service.

Retain and restore critical data

Maintain an internet connection by switching to an alternate, analogue line. Restore critical data from the Cloud – with automated backups ensuring all your important data is safe and secure.

24/7 local support, 365 days a year

Our helpdesk is open 24/7/365, staffed by local operatives. The same team that answers the phone at 3pm answers the phone at 3am. So when you need a helping hand, we're around to take control.