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Make your move to VoIP without a hitch.

VoIP can bring enterprise level telecoms to small businesses. Open enormous opportunity for remote and home working. Truly enhance business agility. But the move isn't always smooth. 

Unless it's handled by Immervox.

Moving your telephony system from one fundamental technology – on-premise Phone System, BT fixed lines – to another – Cloud based system, data network and connection – carries a number of risks and considerations. The move can result in lost functionality, downtime and even lost business. But with careful consideration and detailed planning the shift can be painless, and introduce a new communications paradigm for your business.

We'll advise you on:

  • Business and DDI phone numbers - We'll make sure you keep your existing business phone and DDI numbers, so your customers and clients experience no loss of service from you.
  • Remote VoIP access - VoIP can give employees access to the company phone system on the road or at multiple locations. We'll advise on ensuring they have the appropriate connectivity to use the system properly.
  • Whether your infrastructure can support VoIP - VoIP uses a lot of bandwidth. Your current Data connection and network infrastructure may not be up to the job. We'll fully assess and evaluate your network to identify weak points and advise on what measures can be taken to ensure you're fully VoIP ready.
  • Getting rid of your analogue fixed phone lines - You may still need to keep one or more fixed analogue phone lines for alarm systems, legacy fax machines, door entry systems or PDQ machines. These systems may be possible to migrate to VoIP but it may still be advisable to keep the lines as a backup.
  • Ethernet considerations -Often overlooked, but VoIP works best with its own, separate Ethernet port. We'll tell you what to look for. We'll also identify if your Ethernet supports Power Over Ethernet (POE). If not, you'll need to plug your VoIP handsets into separate AC wall plugs. We'll help you with all the cable management this entails.

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