Business relocation

Immervox have assisted in hundreds of office relocations over 16 years. 

We can help with yours.

Make your office move as smooth as possible.

The key to a successful move is meticulous research and planning. Coordinating dates, tasks, suppliers, staff – we have extensive experience in moving telecoms services. Leave the old office on Friday and arrive at the new on Monday morning with everything ready to go.

And we can advise on what opportunities moving offices provides. Upgrade your Phone System. Switch to VoIP and extend your team with remote and homeworkers. Or just retain the same system you already know.

Call us today on 0330 024 0234 and find out how we can make your move and smooth as possible.

End-to-end communication relocation

We'll manage the whole process. From ensuring new lines are ordered on time to monitoring and coordinating multiple suppliers on the day. We'll start by working with you to develop a plan that meets your business continuity needs, then we'll take care of all the logistics; from site survey to end-user training.

You'll even be assigned a dedicated support contact to call on any time during your relocation, so you only have one number to call.

Upgrade your Phone System

Moving offices is the perfect time to assess your communication requirements. We can advise on changing phone supplier for better rates or service, upgrading your entire Phone System – even switching to a digital VoIP, SIP or ISDN solution – or adding additional functionality to your existing setup. Whatever you decide, we can install it as part of your move.

Increase your internet speed

High speed internet is fundamental to keeping your business agile. Moving premises may mean you're moving to a different exchange, which presents you with distinctly different internet options. We can advise on how to achieve the best bandwidth and service in your new area, and even improve on your current transfer speed.