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Unified Comms as a Service (UCaaS)

UCaaS with Immervox: unlimited communication and collaboration potential in one package

Unified Communications as a Service is revolutionising communication and collaboration for enterprise the world over. By wrapping up all our customers comms needs into a single monthly package, Immervox is unlocking scalable and manageable cloud based communications infrastructure for new customers every day.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS stands for Unified Comms as a Service. Similar to other ‘as a service’ offerings (such as PaaS), UCaaS wraps up your communication infrastructure into a scalable cloud-based service.

Cost and capacity can be scaled up or down as your business grows and changes. In the always changing digital world of the 21st century, a UCaaS solution ensures your business (whether SME or global blue-chip) is never left behind by the rapid progress of comms innovation and technology.

What does UCaaS cover?

At Immervox we know that no two organisations are alike. We know that your needs are unique to you. Every Immervox UCaaS solution is tailored to your specifications and needs. Your bespoke Immervox UCaaS solution not only includes the tools you need, but it also doesn’t carry hidden costs for the ones you don’t. 

The Immervox UCaaS toolbox

Your Immervox Unified Communications as a Service solution can cover any combination of the following:

  • VOIP and Mobile services.
  • Web conferencing and meeting solutions.
  • Email, voicemail, and instant messaging platforms.
  • Desktop and thin browser clients.
  • Workstream collaboration, integrated contact centres, and 3rd party communications-enabled applications. 

Infinite freedom to collaborate, one monthly cost

UCaaS allows your workforce to communicate and collaborate wherever and whenever they are. By moving reliance from on site hardware to the cloud, your teams can innovate collaboratively at any time of day, from any location. 

The UC revolution has led to massive growth for many of our customers. At Immervox we understand that growth can bring its own challenges. That’s why all our UCaaS solutions are scalable packages. 

Adding or removing capacity is as simple as a quick phone-call. Changes can be made near instantly. We’re committed to seeing our customers grow and succeed. We know that keeping your comms infrastructure as one scalable, manageable, and streamlined monthly cost removes the challenge of ensuring your comms infrastructure can keep up with your growing workforce.

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