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VPN ready infrastructure

Make sure your business is VPN ready with the Immervox experts

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) create a secure, remotely accessed network that protects your business from the risks of data breaches and cybersecurity threats. It’s easy to see why 44% of UK internet users have relied on a VPN for business or personal reasons. With so many enterprise VPN options available implementing a VPN for your business can feel overwhelming. That’s why Immervox have been helping hundreds of UK businesses create the infrastructure and solutions they need bring the unrivalled security of a VPN to their organisation.

Commercial VPN’s: Enterprise-grade security to protect your critical business data

Having an encrypted network of virtual machines keeps your critical business data secure. It also allows staff to access the vital infrastructure they rely on from any device, enabling efficient home and remote working. Your staff can access your internal intranet no matter where they’re based, sharing files, applications, and workflows seamlessly.

VPNs offer a cheaper, securer alternative to traditional internal WAN and LAN networks. VPN solutions are scalable, flexible, and an incredibly cost effective way to safeguard your business against data breaches and network vulnerability. 

Many of our customers rely on their enterprise VPN to keep their business safe from vulnerabilities, cyber-security threats and data breaches, and the productivity drain caused by sub-standard remote working infrastructure. The benefits of a VPN for business are phenomenal. That’s why we help hundreds of businesses across the UK make sure they’ve got the infrastructure and hardware they need for an effective VPN, and offer our expert guidance and knowledge so that they’re implementing the best Virtual Private Network for their business.

How we help our customers get VPN ready

VPNs are incredibly simple to set up and implement. However, without proper strategy, planning, and a reliable connectivity infrastructure a VPN can fail to deliver the business value it should. There are several ways that we’ve been helping Immervox customers get VPN ready and implement the best VPN for their business needs. 

Making sure you have a suitable connection

VPNs rely on externally hosted services and remote access. Whilst this both saves on the time and finance costs of physical networks, it does mean that a fast, reliable internet connection is required. We’ll make sure that your on-premise infrastructure is suitable for effective VPN use, whether that means upgrading your routers or designing a high-speed cabling solution. We can also provide mobile data options for your remote and WFH staff to make sure your workforce can rely on fast secure connections when logging in remotely. 


Advising on the best commercial VPN for your business

Every business has unique needs, and yours is no exception. With so many enterprise and commercial grade VPN options available, it can be difficult to decide which is the best fit for your business. Our team of Immervox experts are always on hand to consult and advise on VPN options. We’ll be able to recommend the best VPN clients and servers to meet your requirements. If needed we can also provide PRINCE2 certified project managers to oversee your VPN implementation, procuring and negotiating the best provider and deal for your business VPN package.

Getting your staff are trained and ready to use the new system

Every person you employee was selected for their skills, experience, and the value they bring to your business. In many cases this value isn’t in an overtly technical arena. It’s understandable that many industry-leading professionals field still struggle when it comes to adapting to new technologies. That’s why we can provide any new systems training and customer support your business needs to make sure your workforce can access your VPN on Day 1 of deployment. 

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