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What Is 5G And What Impact Will It Have On Business Communications

The release of 5G is one of the most anticipated developments in the history of mobile networks. It marks the next generation in mobile internet connectivity and will provide unprecedented speeds, improved reliability of connections and is expected to transform the way every business communicates.

What is 5G?

The term 5G is used to describe the fifth generation of network technology. The wireless industry adopted 5G standards in 2017, and since then all phone companies and manufacturers have been rapidly creating the infrastructure to support the launch of 5G networks.

This impressive technology will support more than just mobile phones. Instead, the ultimate goal is to ensure that eventually every device connected to the internet runs on 5G. This will help create a huge surge in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), with a new infrastructure to support vast amounts of data and a more connected, smarter world.

The key features of 5G

1) Faster speeds – It is anticipated that 5G will be up to 100 times quicker than the current top speed of 4G LTE. This means it will be possible to download a full HD movie in under 10 seconds, rather than the 10 minutes which it currently takes.

2) Lower latency – With current 4G networks, latency is usually around 40 milliseconds. With 5G this is likely to be less than 1 millisecond, so will be undetectable to users.

3) Greater capacity – The networks will have improved capacity to handle high-demand applications at the same time. This will be particularly important as more businesses invest in the latest technology, such as virtual reality experiences and Internet of Things devices.

4) Reliability – The new ultra-reliable network will have a huge impact on business communications. As more people begin to work remotely, we are all beginning to rely heavily on strong, reliable connections. The release of 5G will mean no dropped calls or loss of connectivity.

5) Flexibility – 5G will allow a physical network to be divided between multiple virtual networks.

6) Improved battery life – As we begin to rely more on mobile devices to stay connected, it is welcome news that 5G networks will actually extend our battery life by up to 10 times.

The benefits to business communications

These key features will provide benefits to communication within businesses of all sizes. As mobile networks become faster and more reliable, businesses will be able to work more efficiently. One of the most significant benefits will be improvements in communications between those who work remotely.

Over the past ten years, an increasing number of people have been choosing remote working, although technology has been a factor preventing its growth. Unreliable networks and slow connections for conference calls have been specific issues, but new AR, VR and seamless connections will eliminate these problems. Instead, it will feel as if all members of the team are together in the same room.

In addition, 5G networks will be able to support the explosive growth of the IoT and its vast business communication capabilities. The role of IoT-enabled devices in business communication is continuing to expand. For example, the release of 5G Internet of Things technology will vastly improve the integration of cloud computing with big data technology, resulting in intelligent, well-connected organisations.

When will 5G launch?

The development of 5G is nearing completion and is expected to launch before 2020 and will work alongside 3G and 4G networks. China, South Korea and the US are likely to be the first to launch their 5G networks, although the UK will not be far behind.

Although 5G is set to launch in the next few months, it is likely to be limited to highly populated areas first. 5G communications will only be able to travel short distances, which means the number of mobile towers required is surprisingly vast. It will not be unusual to see small 5G towers fixed to rooftops and lamp posts. This means rural areas are likely to be the last locations to benefit from 5G.

EE was one of the first networks to announce their plans for building a 5G network. Throughout this year they will be rolling out 5G across 16 cities in the UK, by targeting the busiest areas. They argue that rural areas need more coverage, rather than a focus on providing more capacity through 5G. The first areas to gain 5G EE coverage will be London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester and Birmingham.

How can Immervox assist?

The potential 5G has to improve business communications is huge, and we expect that the way businesses communicate will change drastically over the next ten years. Whatever industry you operate in, it is important for the business to stay connected.

Although 5G networks will be launched soon, the majority of mobile phones will not support the fifth-generation network just yet. As it will take a while for 5G coverage to become available, it is unlikely the launch will impact our devices straight away. However, if you are purchasing new technology in the next few months it is advisable to invest in devices which will be suitable for 5G.

As specialist providers of business communication solutions, we can ensure your business has access to the latest technology. When you work with us, we will advise on everything from the ideal mobile phone to the data your business requires for its mobile broadband. By getting to know your individual business, we can create personalised plans which fit with your own requirements.

Our business broadband and mobile contracts are available for anyone from single users through to organisations with 10,000 users. Our goal is to provide a flexible solution which aids your business communications. We can offer different data allowances for different departments, or even provide different networks for the various locations you cover. As our services are not tied to a specific network, we can negotiate the best deal for your business.

To find out more about the benefits 5G could bring to your business, or any of the solutions we currently have available, please contact our experienced team today.

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