Your thoughts on ‘working from home’ essentials

12th November 2020
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A recent survey we carried out has revealed that 100% of those surveyed are currently working from home. Now, this is to be expected given the current Government guidelines, but what does the future of working from home look like, and why?

The survey highlighted the main challenges workers faced when working from home (WFH); from a management viewpoint, getting other colleagues to adopt and embrace a WFH approach has been a challenge, and so has separating work life and home life. Those in a more sales focussed role have struggled attracting new clients, when the traditional meeting for a chat/coffee/lunch is no longer an option. These challenges have meant workers are having this think of new and creative ways to engage their teams and new clients alike.

It’s not all doom and gloom, the survey also showed some positives associated with WFH; the removal of the daily commute is seen as a huge positive, not only reducing travel bills, but adding extra time to each end of the day. Those WFH also report fewer interruptions than working from an office environment. But the clear winner when it comes to WFH is spending more time with family; whether due to new flexible hours, or just removal of a daily commute.

Interestingly, when asked what ‘tech’ workers relied on most when WFH, it’s not all the fancy apps and software that come out on top. Essential WFH tech includes; a second screen, a dedicated desk space, fast internet connection, mobile phone and remote desktop software. With all these simple things in place, working from home is made a whole lot easier.

On balance, there are clearly pros and cons of WFH, but the pros must outweigh the cons, given that 80% of those surveyed would like to continue WFH full time once the pandemic is over. The other 20% would like to continue WFH, but on a part-time or flexible basis, where the office is still an option.

If you need support with an efficient and productive WFH set up for your teams, get in touch with our experts who can help design a bespoke solution for you and your business needs. 

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