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Colleges and universities – 5 steps to keep your staff and students safe online

Modern education systems function almost entirely on the foundations of technology and digital databases. Because of this, all appliances and services, ranging from the site WiFi to the software on an individual’s computer, must be up to scratch. Operations which run on outdated, or simply dysfunctional, technology is therefore highly unreliable and in a precarious state. One glitch or hindrance anywhere in the system can cause detrimental impact to an entire network of staff and students, risking educational opportunities and even confidentiality. 

At Immervox we understand this. 

That’s why our education-based clients are reaping the benefits of our services – services that are both optimally reliable and affordable. We work closely with all our clients to ensure that their digital operations can run seamlessly, without interference, so that they can continue to educate the youth of today as efficiently as possible, for as little as possible. Our experienced and helpful team is on-hand throughout the whole journey for any issues or questions. 

We understand that the safety of your staff and students is a number 1 priority – so we’ve outlined the 5 major things that you can do within your institution to help protect your users. 

Thoroughly evaluate the safety risks currently posed to your users

Before laying out a prevention plan, you must first establish the problems for which we intend to find solutions. Whether it be dangerous websites, inaccessible safety guidelines or outdated technology, identifying the issue is the first step. From here, we can work together to build long-lasting infrastructure to help maintain the e-safety of your staff and students.

Establish e-safety policies and procedures that will help maintain the online safety of students and staff

Ensure that your cyber security policies are in-place, up-to-date and effective in the prevention of online threats. Having an objective list of websites and software that is inaccessible to users for safety purposes can help to greatly reduce your vulnerability to potential threats. 

Outlining a sequential procedure for users to follow when they suspect a breach of their cyber-security is crucial to the ongoing maintenance of online safety. 

Similarly, educating staff on how to identify and report students who they suspect to be in online danger should be standard protocol within your institution.

Regularly update teachers’ online safety skills and knowledge of e-safety

Establish a method of communication which allows bi-lateral feedback between yourself and the students or their parents / carers – be sure not to overload or spam users with information as this will likely result in all of it being ignored. Keep information concise and critical, detailing a set of clear expectations, advice on privacy & settings, methods of monitoring student activity and also general online safety guidance.

Connect with your students

Having e-safety protocols in place is all well and good – but this is futile if your students are not aware of them. To maximise the efficiency of implementing safety protocols, ensure your students are aware of how to set themselves up on your network, protocol for using the technology and the support paths available to them should they experience any issues with e-safety.

Conduct ongoing reviews of your e-safety provision.

The digital systems and adjacent security protocols in many schools and colleges were built to last; some will even be several decades old. Unfortunately, however, even the most durable systems will eventually falter and require replacement. When they inevitably do, Immervox are here to ensure the process of replacing your old systems with our brand new, affordable alternatives is smooth and effortless. To avoid a digital disaster before you get to this point, it is vital to check the status of your systems regularly so that you know exactly what’s going on at all times and when action needs to be taken.    

Wondering what your next step should be? Why not sign up for our FREE IT Business Connectivity review? It’s free, and comes with no obligations and will help make sure your systems are safe, secure, and are the right fit for your organisation.

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