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Digital Phone Line Myths Debunked

27th April 2022
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There’s a rumour floating around that calls made using Voice-over-Internet protocol, or VoIP, are of poor quality compared to landlines. But is there any truth to this?

The truth is, that with a stable internet connection, you can rely on VoIP for high quality phone calls with the clarity of a traditional phone line. Many businesses already rely heavily on a stable internet connection, so could migrate to a VoIP system without any changes – you can even keep your same number. 

Modern telephone systems also use VoIP prioritisation, meaning VoIP calls are given bandwidth priority over regular internet usage. Plus, many VoIP systems come with extra features made possible by using the internet, instead of old copper cables. Many VoIP providers will also support a 4G connection, so calls may be unaffected if your internet connection does go down.

It’s not just the crystal-clear call quality that makes VoIP a good choice, it can often prove an economical investment, especially for small to medium sized businesses. VoIP is very easy to set up and use, and can work with mobile phones, or softphones (essentially software instead of a handset), plus you can easily add new phones as your business grows. VoIP enables small businesses to maintain their competitiveness by providing better customer service at lower operating costs and providing greater flexibility to expand and contract as needed. Integrated VoIP services also allow small businesses to take advantage of features typically found only in larger, more expensive systems, such as auto attendants, hunt groups, and call centre routing.

The technology is one of the most affordable phone systems you can choose; small businesses that switch to VoIP can often save 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls. While it is very economical to make calls over VoIP networks, it is also cheaper to call mobiles and landlines from a VoIP system. 

When using the internet there is always a question of security, and whether there is a vulnerability to cyber-attack, however, as long as your internal network is protected, your telephone network will also be protected. If your internal network is not secure, you will be vulnerable to attacks. Making sure your VoIP providers have advanced security features available, including call encryption, two-factor authentication, automatic monitoring, and accurate logs will help keep your system secure. 

So provided you have a secure and reliable internet connection, a VoIP system will provide you with high-quality calls at a more economical rate.

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