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Powerful call management insights to improve productivity

Managing teams remotely comes with its very own set of challenges and rewards. So, as a manager how do you track productivity when your team is not sitting in front of you? If your team relies heavily on phone calls, historically a consistent and reliable source of insight would be the monthly phone bill. But luckily, the days of waiting for paper phone bills to trawl through are over!

Call management reporting is now such that you can achieve real-time understanding of all calls within your team. Not only does this help you track productivity in real-time, it can also alert you to any potential problems arising within the team before they escalate.

8 call management tools to look out for when choosing a provider

Most phone system providers will include some sort of call management reporting tools, but what tools should you be looking out for?

  • Real-time statistics – these provide managers with real-time call-traffic insight and alarms, meaning critical call routes into the business can be monitored constantly.
  • Multi-device accessibility – to ensure true real-time reporting can be benefited from, it’s vital these reports are made available on any internet-enabled device.
  • Fully customisable – ensures your reporting is tailored to you and your team with push reporting and creation of alarms and alerts to ensure business-critical insights are always available, and management is notified when appropriate.
  • Cradle-to-grave reporting – enables monitoring of a call throughout its entire journey with a view of every divert and call detail, for easy and accurate individual reports.
  • After-hours call tracking – provides managers with insights into any potentially suspicious activity, unauthorised calls or colleagues who may be acting out of the ordinary.
  • Abandoned call recovery – provides managers with insights into missed calls and whether they were returned or followed up.
  • Remote servers – enables multi-site monitoring and supports business continuity through hosted data centres.
  • Activity monitoring – efficiently monitors key extensions or call routes to alert managers to any potential problems or drops in productivity.

Benefits of call management reporting data

All of these tools provide managers with a huge amount of data and insight information, but as a manager how can you use this data to improve your team’s performance?

With access to call management reporting data, managers can monitor time to answer, missed calls, call journeys and individual team member activity. Analysing these insights can highlight opportunities for change that can improve customer service, team efficiency and team wellbeing.

Call management for wellbeing

Frequent team catch up calls and regular video conferences are great, but they might not telling the whole story about how an individual is feeling.

Getting into the granular detail of a call management report enables managers to access and monitor historic reports for individual team members. This insight can be used to spot signs that a team member might be struggling.

Has their call rate dropped? Has their number of unanswered calls increased? Has their call activity changed dramatically?

These could all be signs that something is not right, and as management you can step in to access the situation and provide additional support if required.

We can help

At Immervox, our experts could help build a custom call management reporting system specifically for you can your team’s requirements. Reach out and get in touch today

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