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Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning

Recovery and Continuity Strategy to safeguard your business

If the Covid-19 pandemic showed us anything it’s that no business can predict what’s around every single corner. When business analytics and modelling forecasts fail to anticipate a major event, it’s robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies that protect your business from the impact. At Immervox we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the UK design and implement both Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies, safeguarding their organisations against the impact of major disruptive events.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: planning your strategy with Immervox experts

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies are essential to maintaining business-as-usual operations and keeping downtime to a minimum. Having robust plans in place for both ensures that your business critical functions and organisational integrity are protected from the impact of disasters like floods or fires, human or technical faults, or any other high disruption major-impact event.

At Immervox we’ve helped dozens of our customers create and implement their Recovery and Continuity strategies. Whether you need a simple consultation and strategy session, or a full Business Continuity plan implementation and Automated Backup Disaster Recovery solution, our team of Immervox experts can help you safeguard your business against whatever the future brings.

Keeping your business connected and communicating when disaster strikes

Every business experiences major events that severely disrupt both short term operations and long term prospects. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans protect both your organisational stability and your business-critical data, functions, and infrastructure.

Immervox Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services protect our customers against the disruptive impact of unforeseen circumstances. Business Continuity keeps their business running and operational, and Disaster Recovery protects their essential data to keep downtime to a minimum.

Assessment and analysis to identify weak points and vulnerabilities

We’ll work with you to discover weak points and vulnerabilities in your organisation and critical infrastructure. Your dedicated Immervox expert will then help you build a contingency plan that keeps your business running, implementing the strategies and processes to rapidly restore business functionality no matter the situation. 

Maintain contact with your customers

An event that disrupts your business will disrupt the service your customers receive. Disaster Recovery plans keep your customers in the loop. By re-routing inbound calls to different lines an locations, making auto attendant announcements, and connecting staff via WFG infrastructure where possible, you can rest assured that your valuable customers are never kept in the dark. 

Keep connected and restore critical data

The first priority in a disaster scenario is keeping your business connected. Your Immervox Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan will include failsafe’s such as switching to alternate connections and restoring critical data from automated cloud backups. 

24/7 support, 365 days a year

Our in-house UK based customer helpdesk is staffed 24/7/365. We know that the worst major events that impact your business rarely occur at convenient times. No matter how unsociable the hour, one of the team will be ready and available to get your business back up and running.

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